Summer Tutoring

Catch up before September!

Discount: 20% off of all Services
* Summer 2020 ONLY *

3 Sessions – 3 weeks each (12 hrs. per workshop)

SESSION 1: June 15th – July 2nd
SESSION 2: July 6th – July 23rd
SESSION 3: July 27th – Aug. 13th

Choose: Mon. & Wed, Tues. & Thurs.

TIMES: 9:30 – 11:30am, 12:30 – 2:30pm, 3-5pm, or 6-8pm
(each session is 2hrs per day – except SAT prep)

PRICES – $350 for one 12 Hour Workshop
(excludes SAT Prep)

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College Jump Start

Grades 11-12 or College Students
– Research Paper Writing
– Time Management
– Organizational Skills
– Effective Outlining and Note Taking
– Transitioning into College Life
– Smart Choices
– Study Skills to Lifestyle


Learn Computer Programming
– Become familiar with coding concepts and programming
– Learn fundamentals to build an App.
– Know the differences and advantages of the many coding languages

Chess Champions

Beginners to Advanced
– Students will learn to play Chess, and read and write the language of Chess.
– Basic tactical moves
– Competing for US Ratings
– Professional Chess Software

Artist’s Studio

Artists & Sculptors (K to Adult)
– Learn skills and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpting and much more!

Musicians Rising

Musicians & Vocalists (K to Adult)
– Vocalist, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Bass
– Learn Music Theory

3D Animation

Beginner to Advanced
– Learn the magic of 3D Studio Max to design the animated film or game of your dreams.

Digital Photography

Photography vs Point & Shoot (Beginner to Advanced)
– Students will learn basic photography skills & techniques to get the perfect photography.
– Learn how to perfect your photos through the magic of Photoshop

CSI Bucks County

Forensic Science (Offered for Grades 7 -12)
– Students will learn about CSI in the real world, and become a crime scene investigator. This is a must take class for CSI fans!

Math Mastery

You choose the content area (K to Adult)
– Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Intro to Algebra or Geometry, etc.

Reading, Writing & Publishing

Beginners to Advanced
– Reading & Thinking Skills
– Q&A, Discussion & Critique
– Motivation to continue reading
– Poets & Novelists
– Workshop will include:
– Creative Writing
– Q&A Discussion & Critique
– Short Story Writing

American Sign Language

Learn to Sign with confidence
– Develop the skills for real-life communication
– Learn the ASL rules of grammar and syntax
– Practice speaking with your tutor

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